Presentations & Workshops


Modern Foundation Paper Piecing Foundations Workshop

In-Person Workshops/Retreats

  • I am available for travel to teach Foundation Paper Piecing Fundamentals Workshops based on a Pride & Joy Quilting Pattern
  • In person workshops can be anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, to 3-5 days depending on arrangement.
  • Please email regarding your interest and needs.


Current Classes

 (1)   Modern Foundation Paper Piecing Fundamentals: (3 or 6 Hour, or Multi-Day Workshop/Retreat)

Students will learn the fundamentals of foundation paper piecing (FPP) while completing a modern and vibrantly designed Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern. This foundation paper pieced block is cleverly drafted to create a composition that is visually interesting while being modern and vibrant.

Students will learn the fundamental elements of FPP such as tackling complex angles, alignment for perfect points, placement and positioning of fabric, orientation of seam lines, continuity of shape, steps for precise piecing, and so much more. Students will leave feeling confident to piece not only the tiniest of fabric shapes, but also large, irregular fabric shapes, and tackle any foundation paper piecing projects! 

This workshop often features a Custom Capturing Memories Quilt Pattern Series based on the landscape of where the retreat is being held.


(2)  Cross Stitch Flower Quilt: A Pattern-less Approach (Min: 6 Hour Class or Multi-Day Workshop/Retreat)

Design your OWN cross-stitch flower quilt! In this 6-hour class, we will learn how to transform a photo of a flower into a cross-stitch inspired quilt. Students will tackle three main elements: design, construction & color. Using only free online design resources, students will examine how to adapt a photo into a grid/cross-stitch quilt. Students will explore two ways of composing the cross-stitch flower Quilt, one with simple squares and another with foundation paper piecing, while constructing a sample mini flower quilt using the efficient and "quilt preview" canvas of fusible grid interfacing. Students will play with color composition and structure while using an array of color values and hues to bring their cross-stitch flower quilts to life!

Virtual LIVE Workshops via Zoom

  • I am available to organize a Virtual LIVE Workshop with your Guild or Group via Zoom
  • These Workshops are based off of more simple patterns that can be completed within the time frames set.
  • Virtual LIVE workshops tend to run anywhere from 3-6 hours, depending on requested arrangement.
  • Virtual LIVE Workshops focus on Foundation Paper Piecing Fundamentals while completing a Pride & Joy Quilting Pattern
  • Using 6 Cameras and Streaming Full Graphics, these workshops are the next best thing to being in person. You are able to obtain guidance and ask questions directly, all from the comfort of your home.


Current Presentations (Available Via ZOOM or In-Person)

Lecture 1: Finding Pride & Joy in Quilting, My Journey in Quilting

This presentation will detail the quilting journey and upcoming projects of Veruschka Zarate, of Pride & Joy Quilting. From traditional quilt piecing to falling in love with Foundation Paper Piecing, we will explore how she is using foundation paper piecing to bring about fresh and modern pieces for quilters to make. We will discuss her development as a quilt maker and designer sharing all sorts of tips, tricks and techniques she has learned along the way. We will also explore some of the elements within my creative process such as successes and pitfalls within FPP construction and design, choice of fabrics and color selection, thread, tools and much more. She will also do a trunk show of her large-scale FPP pieces as well as upcoming projects. 

Please email me for more details and to review my Speakers Agreement.


  • Glasgow Modern Quilt Guild, SCOTLAND

  • Edinburgh Modern Quilt Guild, SCOTLAND

  • Edmonton & District Quilters Guild, CANADA

  • Chicago Lakeside Quilting Guild, Illinois, USA

  • Common Threads Quilters Guild, Ohio, USA

  • Front Range Modern Quilt Guild, Colorado, USA

  • Long Beach Modern Quilt Guild, California, USA

  • San Diego Modern Quilt Guild, California, USA

  • Grand Rapids Modern Quilt Guild, Michigan, USA

  • String & Story Rockstar Quilt Guild, Georgia, USA

  • Pax River Quilt Guild, Maryland, USA

  • Village Quilters of Lake Forest, Illinois, USA

  • Tulsa Modern Quilt Guild, Oklahoma, USA

  • East Side Quilters Guild, Washinton, USA

  • Sudbery Modern Quilt Guild, CANADA

  • Friendship Star Quilt Guild, Maryland, USA

  • Portland Modern Quilt Guild, Oregon, USA

  • Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild, Utah, USA

  • Newfoundland Modern Quilt Guild, CANADA

  • Triangle Modern Quilt Guild, North Carolina, USA

  • Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild, Colorado, USA

  • Mount Bachelor Quilt Guild, Oregon, USA

  • Pieced Together Quilt Guild, NJ, USA

  • Calgary Modern Quilt Guild, CANADA

  • Sonoma Modern Quilt Guild, California, USA

  • Piece Makers Quilt Guild, Florida, USA

  • Orlando Modern Quilt Guild, Florida, USA

  • Northwest Arkansas Modern Quilt Guild, Arkansas, USA

  • Ancaster Modern Quilt Guild, CANADA

  • Riverwalk Quilt Guild, Illinois, USA

  • Diablo Valley Quilt Guild, CA, USA

  • Santa Rosa Quilt Guild, CA USA

  • Sudbury District Quilting & Stitchery Guild, CANADA

  • Santa Monica Quilt Guild, CA USA

  • Madison Modern Quilt Guild, Wisconsin, USA

  • Minnesota Quilters, Inc., Minnesota, USA

  • Twisted Stitchers Quilt Guild, Toronto, CANADA

  • Almonte Quilt Guild, CANADA 

  • NITE Owls Quilt Guild, CA, USA

  • Eastern Long Island Quilt Guild

  • Longmont Quilt Guild, Colorado, USA

  • DC Modern Quilt Guild, Washington, DC, USA

  • Eastern Long Island Quilt Guild, NY, US

  • Galveston Island Quilt Guild, TX, USA

  • IE Modern Quilt Guild, CA, USA

  • Crystal Lake Midwest Quilt Guild, USA

  • Chaska Area Quilt Guild, USA

  • Coastal Quilters of Santa Barbara, CA

  • Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild, Texas

  • Cambridgeshire Modern Quilt Guild, England

  • Charlotte Quilters Guild, NC

  • Camarillo Quilters Association, CA

  • Quinobequin Quilt Guild, Boston, MA



    Coming Scheduled In-Person Workshops/Retreats/:


    Chicago, IL

    January 2023
    BERNINA Ambassador Retreat 


    Atlanta, GA

    February, 2023
    The Modern Quilt Guild's QUILTCON


    Denver, CO

    March 2023
    Sew Fancy with Pink Door Fabrics


    Monterey, CA:

    May 2023
    Empty Spools Seminars


    Santa Barbara, CA:

    July, 2023
    Coastal Quilters of Santa Barbara 


    Cambridge, England

    September/October, 2023
    The Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild


    Camarillo, CA

    November, 2023
    Camarillo Quilters Association 




    Raleigh, North Carolina

    February, 2024
    The Modern Quilt Guild's QuiltCon


    Birmingham, Alabama 

    March, 2024
    West Alabama Quilters Guild

    Nantes, France

    April, 2024
    WonderFil Specialty Thread


    Mexico City, Mexico

    May, 2024
    Mexico Modern Quilt Guild


    Lincoln, Nebraska

    June, 2024

     Lincoln Quilt Guild 


    Kansas City, Kansas

    July, 2024
    Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild


    San Diego , CA

    August, 2024

    Canyon Quilters of San Diego


    Sydney, Australia

    September, 2024
    BERNINA Academy Australia


    Aukland, New Zealand

    October, 2024

     BERNINA New Zealand


    Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland

    November, 2024
    The Glasgow Modern Quilt Guild Retreat
    Scottish Quilters Association



    Temecula, California

    January, 2025
    Valley of the Mist Quilt Guild


    Phoenix, Arizona

    February, 2025
    The Modern Quilt Guild's QUILTCON


    Monterey, California

    March, 2025
    Empty Spools Seminar



    June, 2025
    Minnestoa Quilt Show



    September, 2025


    Paris, France

    October, 2025


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