Capturing Memories Quilt Pattern Series

The Capturing Memories Quilt Series is a collection of Mini Quilts (27x27 inches) featuring beautiful and vibrant landscapes, captured within a stack of Polaroids, that give the illusion of two photos.

Geared toward those who are new to Foundation Paper Piecing or for those who are wanting a visually impactful yet quick quilt project that can be completed in a couple of days, this Quilt Series seeks to capture the heart and spirit of destinations from around the world through the use of modern and clean line.

The inspiration behind this quilt series was born out of a desire to design custom patterns for some locations where I would be teaching Foundation Paper Piecing. The first in the series was debuted for my First Class in Phoenix, Arizona for the Modern Quilt Guilds' QUILTCON in 2022. Since then, the Series has built up to a total of 9 Patterns that will be slowly released throughout 2023, 2024 and 2025.

All 9 Mini Quilt Patterns share common design elements to create a cohesive final composition. The cohesive design elements include: a collective color palette, the Polaroid frames around the photos, two small birds present in each landscape, the "back ground" photo that highlights the palette for that particular pattern, and the same background color.

The final size of the 9 Mini Quilts sewn together will be roughly 80x80.



Part 1 Capturing Memories Desert



Part 2 Capturing Memories Colorado



Part 3 Capturing Memories California Coast



Part 4 Capturing Memories England:



Part 5 Capturing Memories California Islands 

Capturing Memories California Islands



Part 6 Capturing Memoires Charming Village

Capturing Memories Charming Village


Part 7 Capturing Memories Heartland


Capturing Memories Heartland


Part 8: Australia


Part 9: New Zealand


Bonus: Part 10: Northern Lights

Bonus: Part 11: Scotland

Bonus: Part 12: Road Trip

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