Pattern Corrections

Hello Quilting Friends!

Although I take GREAT care to ensure that everything is correct, with multiple testers and testing, however, sometimes the human eye misses things.

Below are a list of corrections that have been found and corrected.

If you have an older version of the pattern and would like an updated copy of the pattern with the corrections listed below, please feel free to send me an email, with a copy of your receipt and the name of the pattern update you are requesting.

The Heart of a Lion

  • 50in pattern diagrams with Glue Edges on 8.5x11 paper size have been added. The Gluing Diagram for Paper piece "D", the paper piece part with GLUE EDGE #17 was missing on the diagram. It has been added on the diagram. That paper piece part is located on page 45 of 71 of the updated pattern. 
  • Color Charts for each of the 4 sizes have been moved right before the paper pieces of each pattern size to reduce confusion, as each size has its own color chart.
  • The true to life extra large diagram has been removed.
  • Back of Pattern for 50in KIT: The Fabric color list is mislabeled. Two colors were misplaced on the second column (Terrain Iris and Burgendy) and should have been colors 3 and 4. This caused the list on the back of the pattern to be off by 2. PLEASE follow the color guild on the paper pieces and the color chart in the pattern. Those are correct. (Correction made 08/14/2023)

Prima Ballerina

  • True to Size extra-large diagram has been removed.

Girl with the Pearl Earring:

  • Page 19: Mislabeled: Large section 1 and 2 are switched. (Correction made to pattern on 08/17/2023.

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