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Heart of a Lion PAPER PATTERN (30 in)

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Heart of a Lion is a Large Scale, High Detailed, Foundation Paper Piece Quilt Pattern measuring 30x30in square that is 100% straight line sewing.  There are ZERO tricky angles or “Y” seams. If you can sew in a straight line, you can make this pattern.

  • The printed paper pattern pack is printed on light weight, full color Letterhead copy paper sized 8.5x11 and is c 85 pages.
  • The printed paper pattern includes colorful illustrations, diagrams, sequence blocking, instructional assembly guides and One Pattern with Color Indication Boxes that match the color chart.
  • The paper pattern INCLUDES a complementary Digital PDF Pattern version for you to access additional pattern versions and options. A Coupon Code is included in the paper pattern and is limited to a ONE time download, per ONE Customer.
  • This pattern consists of 23 different fabric colors listings. Multiple color and fabric charts are included detailing Fabric Color recommendations and quantities, along with Moda Fabric Bella Solid Fabric color name suggestions. (The Printed Paper Pattern DOES NOT INCLUDE FABRIC. Please see the Quilt Project KIT for this pattern.)
  • Instructions comes with QR codes for visual explanations.
  • This pattern has a small summary of FPP basics but DOES NOT INCLUDE detailed instruction on “how to” Foundation Paper Piece. A knowledge of FPP skills is expected. If you are new to FPP and want to learn HOW TO FPP, please feel free to visit my Website ( for more information on my comprehensive, step-by-step ONLINE VIDEO COURSE called “Modern Foundation Paper Piecing Fundamentals.”
  • A Printed Paper Pattern of this Quilt is available for sale.
  • A Quilt Project KIT for this Quilt is available for sale for the 50 in Quilt Pattern
  • Extended licensing for the graphic/photo reference has been obtained for this project.
  • A Quilt Project KIT for this Quilt is available for sale.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks to ship.