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Cross Stitch Flower Quilt: A Pattern-less Approach Workshop Workbook PDF

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"The Cross Stitch Flower Quilt: A Patternless Approach" is the workshop workbook for the workshop based on the same name.

Design your OWN cross-stitch flower quilt! This workshop workbook details how to transform a photo of a flower into a cross-stitch inspired quilt. Students will tackle three main elements: design, construction & color.

Using only free online design resources, students will examine how to adapt a photo into a grid/cross-stitch quilt.

Students will explore three ways of composing the cross-stitch flower Quilt, one with simple squares and another with Cross Stitch "X" Blocks with foundation paper piecing and traditional 1/4in piecing, while constructing a sample mini flower quilt using the efficient and "quilt preview" canvas of fusible grid interfacing.

Students will play with color composition and structure while using an array of color values and hues to bring their cross-stitch flower quilts to life! 

The workbook is 100 pages and intended to be printed FRONT AND BACK on Lettersize (8.5x11) paper.